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Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths

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Professional Locksmiths Tools since 2010. Made in the UK.
Shatterproof Visi-Clamp - £42.00
The “Visi-Clamp” is designed to be an easy solution to holding the letterbox open and have a mirror positioned correctly for Letterbox Tool operation. Its “auto-clamp” makes it extremely fast to use, because it self-adjusts to fit any letterbox. This offers a distinct advantage for Warrant Locksmiths who depend on a fast entry. Comes complete with Stainless Steel mirror and ‘push/pull’ rod.


All the Trade Shows have been cancelled this year, in order that Locksmiths don’t miss out on the usual great offers, we have reduced the price on most of our range of tools for the duration of COVID 19 restrictions.
Now made from 3mm Stainless Steel Longer and Stronger

Visi-Clamp Stainless Steel Mirror

Spare ‘Push-Pull Rod’ for Visi-Clamp
‘Push-Pull Rod’ - £6.99
Large Stainless Steel Mirror
Celebrating 10 Years of Outside-In Lock Tools!
Mirror Size: 125mm X 100mm Approx 5” X 4”
Mirrored Acrylic Square 100mm X 100mm X 3mm Good reflective surface
This does not include any fittings or handles
‘Mirrored Acrylic Square’ - £3.00
Visi-Clamp Conversion Kit
If you already have a “Visi-Clamp” but would like to convert it to a Stainless Steel Mirror then this is the kit for you. All you will need to do is remove the exsisting fitting and enlarge the hole to 6mm, then screw into place the new mirror. The kit contains everything you need to upgrade your mirror to the new Large Stainless Steel Mirror. Also includes the new Stainless Steel Push-Pull rod and full instructions.
‘Visi-Clamp Conversion Kit’ - £18.00