Vangarde Security System ~ ‘Peel and Steal’ van break-ins have reached epidemic proportions in many parts of the UK. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is a new method of entry to van side-doors, where the top corner of the side-door is pulled downwards, exposing the inside of the van. No tools are necessary to do this, so the burglar is in no danger of being arrested for ‘going equipped.’ Once the break-in has been carried out, tools and other valuables may be easily removed. All this takes around thirty-seconds to carry out, therefore rendering even the most advanced alarm system or deadlocks redundant. Even if nothing of value has been left in the van, the damage caused is highly inconvenient and costly, preventing the Tradesman from trading pending the repair work necessary. This is where the Vangarde comes in! Our Pat. Pending system is fitted to the inside top of the van side-door, and held securely in place using threaded inserts (supplied). The top section of the Vangarde braces up against the bodywork above the door, which may be adjusted for different makes and models of van, thus making ‘Peel and Steal’ practically impossible. It is the only product on the market specifically designed to overcome ‘Peel and Steal’ theft! The Vangarde has been primarily designed to be used when the van is parked up at night, or for extended periods of non-useage. We recommend where it is practical to back the van up to a garage, or wall in order to safeguard the rear doors as well. A pair of Vangardes may be easily fitted from scratch to the inside of the van side-door corners within thirty-minutes, and involves fitting four nutserts (supplied) into the inside top of the side door. The Vangarde also make it significantly more difficult to open the door should the lock itself be compromised. Another advantage of the system is that if you should change the vehicle, the Vangarde may be easily removed and refitted to the new van. Once the mountings are in place, the two Vangarde plates may be fixed firmly into position on the inside corners within a minute or two, after work, and similarly removed just as quickly the following morning. Which Vans will it fit? The Vangarde Van Security System is compatible with the vehicles listed below. If your vehicle is not listed below, it is still possible that the system will fit. Therefore we are happy to offer a full moneyback guarantee of your purchase, in the case of the Vangarde system not fitting. Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Kangoo,Citroen Berlingo, Mercedes Vito, VW Transporter. We offer various quantity discounts, for those considering bulk-buying to supply and fit the Vangarde System. The kit comes complete with fitting instructions and all fixings necessary. A nutsert fitting tool capable of pulling M8 nutserts is also required, available separately if required (see below).
Vangarde Kit (1 pair of plates and fixings)
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Quick and easy to fit to your van side-door in around 30 minutes. Physical Security which helps prevent van break-ins
1 x Vangarde Kit will secure 1 side door
M8 Nutsert Tool may be needed to fit Vangardes

The Best-selling solution to ‘Peel and Steel.’

Fitting the Vangarde just became even easier! Every Vangarde plate now incorporates a template, ensuring correct spacing for the pilot hole is quickly and easily achieved.
Vangarde Installation Video
Vangarde Installation on a Garage Door
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