Under the Door Tool ~ £40.00 The ‘Under the Door Tool,’ is an old favourite with Locksmiths, allowing the slam-shut doors generally fitted to guests hotel rooms, to be easily bypassed in ‘gain-entry’ situations. It is very quick, easy to use and comes with detailed instructions. This particular ‘Under the Door Tool,’ has been constructed from high-quality stainless steel which is exceedingly strong but flexible. The wire is also stainless steel and will not break, wear or detach. The tool features a high-visibility, easy to grip handle on the end of the wire, which will not inadvertently slide under the door during usage. The loop on our ‘Under the Door Tool’ is unique because it has been thinned out (without compromising strength) to simplify utilising the tool where the gap required is very small. It is also fitted with a useful clip to help facilitate the storage of the tool, in order to make it as compact as possible.
Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool Rod Snapper
Under the Door Tool - £40.00
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Under the Door Tool

Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool Rod Snapper
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