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Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths

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All the Trade Shows have been cancelled this year, in order that Locksmiths don’t miss out on the usual great offers, we have reduced the price on most of our range of tools for the duration of COVID 19 restrictions.
Replace them the easy way
How to replace the gripper rubbers on the SideWinder and SideWinder Evolution.
Remove as much old rubber as possible Scrape as far as you can reach without damaging the outer Use a flat screwdriver to reach between the gripper and outer Peel off old rubber and glue Peel off backing from rubber When gripper is depressed there should be a small gap Position the new rubber with an overlap, to tuck under the outer Gently push the rubber under the outer wall whilst depressing the gripper finger to create a gap Tuck the edge of the rubber under the wall of the outer tube Gripper finger cleaned and ready for new rubber The edge of the outer tube will now pin the rubber in place Press rubber firmly into place and repeat on the other gripper finger. Fold the rest of the rubber onto the inside
When grippers are worn and need replacing, here’s how its done Important! Do not disassemble the gripper assembly
Remove the old rubber from the grippers
Making sure to remove rubber from behind the outer tube
If you depress the gripper you should be able to see a small gap
Remove the paper backing from one of the spare rubbers
Postion the new rubber, slightly overlaping the outer tube
Gently depress the gripper finger and using a small piece of plastic or similar, tuck the edge of the rubber under the outer tube
Fold the remaining rubber around the leg of the gripper and press firmly into place
Repeat on the other side
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