The Extendable ~ £143.99 (Fully inc.) ‘The Extendable’ has been designed from the ground up, to be the ultimate letterbox tool when used with ‘The  Rattler’ and our other accessories. Experienced Engineers will tell you that square section exhibits far greater  rigidity and strength, than comparable round section. These are the qualities that are absolutely necessary for a  superior Letterbox Tool.  It has unique features found on no other letterbox tool, including the ‘SureLock’ system, for positive, strong and  quick joining of letterbox tool sections. The connectors are metal, which means a superior joint which has negligible  flex even when fully extended up to over 6 feet tall. Low-level letterboxes are no longer a problem, because locks are  now easily within reach. Our unique connectors also allow for a ‘pulling’ motion which will not separate the  sections.   ‘The Extendable’ sections are able to be extended by approximately 35mm per connection, which can be a real time- saver, without compromising strength. ‘The Extendable’ is the perfect companion for ‘The SideWinder’ and ‘The  Rattler’, making letterbox bypasses swift and efficient.  Further details are to be found by clicking the video below.
Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool
The ultimate Letterbox Tool, when added to “The Rattler” and our other accessories. Metal connectors, mean no bending or unwanted flex. Extends to over 6 feet!
The Extendable (£143.99 fully inc.) 
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